Effective Subconsciousness treatment of COVID-19
Gleb Alexandrov
Kills the virus in 3 days
The method with Tibetan Buddhism origins

The method is a combination of the depth of Tibetan Buddhism and the precision of Western psychotherapy.

There are seven layers of the subconscious mind.

Psychologists and psychotherapists usually reach the second layer - these are automatisms and subpersonalities.

But often the disease exists on deeper levels, where modern psychotherapy techniques do not allow to reach, because they are too primitive.

I have been studying in Tibet for 22 years, where my Master gave me the opportunity to dive deeper. As a result, I am able to cure even long-standing cancer.

The secret is exactly the depth I achieve in myself - and in the patient.

To go deeper in my case means to be more successful.

Charity fund for children with disabilities
President Putin's Grant
In 2021 our team had won President Putin’s grant for Psychological assistance to families of children with disabilities that helped over 2000 families (autism, Mental retardation, children cerebral palsy). 600 families got through the online project on the charity basis with impressive results.
Method in Numbers
Efficiency proved by thousands of cured patients
over 93%
High efficiency of the method - 93% of patients fully recovered
Patients participated in treatment and had impressive results
over 1000
Patients planned to be treated monthly in Q4 2021
Advantages of the method
No special prerequisites for personnel required.
No special background, nor medical experience is required, meaning that personnel can be trained in a matter of weeks. It makes it possible to create jobs for those who became unemployed during the pandemic.
No special medical equipment required.
This allows quick deployment. Any hotel can be easily transformed into a health center and start accepting patients.
Method threats side effects of COVID-19. The method is efficient against viruses.
During COVID-19 treatment patients experience transformation in metabolism and boost immune system function, which leads to sustainable results and prevents relapses.
No special equipment required.
Human based training. Quickly expandable
We can deploy the technology in a short period of time. Our team of highly trained specialists can train up to 1000 volunteers per month. Every volunteer will be able to cure 1 COVID patient in 3 days. This means in one month Sri Lanka will become COVID-FREE territory and open for tourism.

The human body itself is capable of defeating any disease.

All diseases are the consequence of immune dysfunction.

And only subconsciousness controls it.

We work at the subconscious level. That is where all the causes of immune failures lie.

By removing these causes the body itself starts to get rid of the disease.

I have cured thousands of people with this method during my practice.

And I'm sure it is the future of medicine.

The introduction of the new method of treatment will reduce the amount of COVID patients to zero, Sri Lanka will cancel the quarantine and increase tourism revenues
A method so powerful that treats even oncology

Diseases already cured by this method :

Thousands of cured patients
Systemic lupus erythematosus

Bechterew's disease

Multiple sclerosis

Alzheimer's disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Autoimmune thyroiditis
Deforming osteoarthritis
Atopic dermatitis
Bronchial asthma
And many others...

93% Success rate in

medical centers of Turkey

In 2019-2021 Method was successfully deployed in Turkey. Over 6500 patients participated in program online and offline in medical centers of Turkey
The method is highly effective for other diseases:
Autoimmune, child retardation, and even cancer
It will attract medical tourists from all around the globe
Convert Hotels to Health Centers
Gleb Alexandrov
Sri Lanka = Territory of Health
The method can be greatly scaled - thousands of people can be treated every month.
Recruitment and rapid training of staff, restarting hotels - new jobs. Replacing those lost during the pandemic.
Involvement of existing massage techniques, Ayurveda - will get a new spin.
A program for children with delays, autism, cerebral palsy
Gleb Alexandrov
Sri Lanka = Territory of Health
Attracting medical professionals to the country. Growth of Intellectual elite of the country.
Development of the medical industry - multibillion industry
Medical tourism growth.
Patients will come for treatment that impossible to get anywhere else in the world

The new global image of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
World Capital of Eastern Medicine
Gleb Alexandrov
World centre of Medical Tourism
Gleb Alexandrov is a leading Russian-American doctor. For more than 22 years, we have been developing methods of treatment through subconsciousness. Among the projects are cancer treatment and children disabilities charity projects, with over 6500 patients treated.