Vasily Rotov

Co-founder of the Integrative medicine Center.
Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist.
Основатель международного центра психосоматики «Здравница» и «Школы Свободы»

About Me

By education, I am a doctor and a psychotherapist, but I wouldn’t call what I do now the change of speciality, but rather, my evolution in it. For me this is a certain professional stage in the growth of technology and awareness. A person is not only a physical body, but also thoughts, feelings, beliefs. Together, all this affects our health, so it is important to consider all the components. You cannot heal the body without healing the soul. In our center, this is of great importance.


— 1996−2002. Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk. Specialization "Internal Medicine".
 — 2002−2004. Russian Medical Academy of Professional Education, residency. Department of Psychiatry, Moscow.
 — 2004−2007. Russian Medical Academy of Professional Education, Postgraduate Studies, Department of Psychotherapy, Moscow.
 — 2002−2014 — Center of Psychophysiology. Excess weight Psychocorrection. Group psychotherapy, work with psychosomatics.

— 2008 — present — Projects of the Raevsky Medical School and Integrative medicine Center.

Work Experience

  • 2002−2004
    Residency work
  • 2004−2007
    Postgraduate work
  • Since 2007
    Work in the center of psychophysiology for about 12 years
  • Since 2018
    Work in the Raevsky Clinic Network

What Brought Me To Raevsky Clinic?

We created the Integrative medicine Center together within our school. I can’t say that something led me there, rather this happened in a natural, evolutionary way. This is a product of our development. All our achievements in this area, a team of like-minded people and, of course, the knowledge and personal experience of Dmitry Raevsky naturally resulted in the Integrative medicine Center. We have a common dream — for people to realize a completely new approach to their health and development. And we ourselves constantly get results — these are hundreds of thanks from recovered patients. Now we are on the threshold of great discoveries, and many advanced specialists in the field of psychotherapy today are coming to the same understanding that we have come to. The paradigm of perception of health and healing is already changing in the world, and so are we, moving with acceleration to the new frontiers in the world of treatment and health.

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