Rehabilitation Program

An innovative, ecological, drug-free approach

Physical and psychological recovery
after coronavirus infection

Phone: +7 495 532 28 54
Address: Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya 5, k. 4

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Rehabilitation Program

An innovative, ecological, drug-free approach

Physical and psychological recovery after coronavirus infection

Phone: +7 495 532 28 54
Address: Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya 5, k. 4

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Start at a convenient time. Online part — up to 30 days + offline cevents in the Moscow center
Individual and group work with psychologists, coaches and psychotherapists. Combining offline and online formats
Full recovery after coronavirus infection
Василий Ротов – специалист международного центра психосоматики «Здравница»

Post Covid Syndrome

It is characterized by prolonged asthenia, often depressive disorders, anxiety, headaches, muscle pain, stool disorder, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations and many other symptoms, other complaints that appear in patients after covid

People believe that everything can go away on its own, but complications persist and post-COVID syndrome significantly worsens the quality of life. Many people suffer from post-covid syndrome, and many people consider such consequences to be the norm, but in fact this is not the norm and it is necessary and possible to work with this

We have the answer, we have developed a post-covid program for people who want to deal with this condition. It includes working with psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches along with supervision of a medical professional
Uniqueness Of The Program
 High Program Effectiveness ›
The effectiveness of the program is more than 85%, in case of patients active involvement
Complete and deep recovery after covid ›
We are working on the underlying causes in the subconscious that affect your health. You will become healthy by working them through
Acquire healthy thinking skills ›
Learn what mental hygiene is and how it helps us to be healthy
You’ll be able to help yourself and your loved ones in the future ›
All knowledge and skills will find practical application in your life
Non-drug approach ›
We do not cancel doctor’s appointments and do not prescribe medications. Homeopathy is recommended
The Terms of Participation
Active Engagement
Good results are always achieved by those who actively, responsibly and earnestly participate in the treatment process, following all the recommendations of our specialists
Trust In Methods
A necessary condition for recovery is a high degree of trust in our methods and specialists. The higher the confidence, the faster you can come to health
Work for the Result
We always provide our patients with professional support and interaction. We use innovative methods and remedies that show good results


Olga Vyatkina
Raevsky clinic physician
About the Project
Everyone needs to take care of their health.

Coronavirus infection has insidiously affected the health of many people. It is especially dangerous for its consequences.

The goal of our course is to help people recover from illness all together. Be fully healthy. Therefore, we have created a program to approach healing systematically. This is how the best results are achieved
Work with the psyche and the subconscious. Creating new attitudes to affirm positive thinking
We look to the future and set new goals to become healthy for
We apply the method of Tibetan vibrational chanting. Filling with high vibrations of the AUM mantra promotes healing and launches a surge of strength
For each patient, an individually necessary complex of homeopathic preparations is selected, taking into account the characteristics of the body and disease
The digestive tract function will better and lightness will appear
Cardiovascular health
will improve
Lightness of breath
will return
You’ll get rid of headaches
and muscle pain
You can live a fulfilling
healthy life
Anxiety states
will go away
Program Phases
Providing all relevant medical records with the doctor’s opinions and the results of analysis / examination
Kinesiology testing
Kinesiology testing
Identification of the causes of complications through the reaction of your nervous system
Search for the causes of complications in the subconscious. Group and individual format
Therapeutic touch
Therapeutic touch
Getting rid of psychosomatic blocks that triggered complications
Coaching sessions
Coaching sessions
Setting goals that motivate you to be healthy
Online program
Online program
Psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling, tackling the psychosomatic blocks



Question - Answer

What is the duration of post-covid syndrome?
For each patient, this period may have a different duration. According to the statistics of those who have been ill, it is noted that the period is generally from 3 to 6 months, and sometimes lasts up to a year
How does this syndrome manifest itself?
Everyone is different, the chronicle of existing diseases may worsen, then the main daily therapy can be adjusted.

A mild course of a coronavirus infection does not guarantee the absence of consequences. They may show up in a few months. It can be pain, aching muscles or joints. Impaired skin sensitivity. Long-term difficulties with the restoration of smell are possible.

Moderate severity is characterized by "lack of air", "congestion or spasm in the chest." Sometimes a prolonged cough is possible up to 2−3 months after clinical recovery.

After a severe course, a deterioration in intellectual functions and memory is noticed, cerebral circulation is often disturbed, the course of arterial hypertension is aggravated even against the background of previously selected treatment.
Can you say that seriously ill people recover more slowly?
Everything is individual.

Some patients, even the elderly, recover well after 50-70% lung damage. Especially if they started their rehabilitation path right after they got sick. If the recovery after covid is going well, the examination did not reveal damage to the internal organs, then you can simply be observed by a therapist.

If specific complications are found (for example, thyroiditis, pneumofibrosis, myocarditis, etc.) or complications after treatment (pseudomembranous colitis, drug-induced hepatitis, immune status disorders, etc.) - then it is important to listen to the doctor's recommendations and our program in In any case, it will be the most successful solution for recovery.
What to look out for after COVID-19?
Self-monitoring of the level of oxygen in the blood with a heart rate monitor is highly desirable, both during household loads (housework, walking) and during sports. Also, check with your doctor the risk of thrombosis. With varicose veins and obesity, the risk of blood clots increases.

Predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis and other diseases also play a role. It is necessary to monitor the heart rate. Interruptions in the work of the heart, rapid pulse may be signs of myocarditis.


Rehabilitation Program

Innovative, ecological, drug-free approach

Physical and psychological recover after coronavirus infection


Rehabilitation Program

Innovative, ecological, drug-free approach

Physical and psychological recover after coronavirus infection
Phone: +7 495 532 28 54
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Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya 5, k. 4

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