Olga Vyatkina
Raevsky clinic physician
Integrative Treatment
Sometimes patients refer to us as the "Clinic of last resort". People turn to us when all classical methods are powerless. This is especially true for oncological diseases.

We cooperate with doctors and clinics, offering innovative solutions, the purpose of which is to cure a person at various stages of the disease, so that the disease does not relapse.

Our methods are aimed at eradicating the cause disease rather than symptom relief.
We accept with diseases
Benefits of treatment with us
Personal accompaniment
An individual approach to the health of the patient is the key to success, since everyone is unique
Holistic approach
We treat the person, not just the disease. Following Hippocrates, we heal the body and soul of the patient
Integrative Treatment
We supplement standard treatment protocols with innovative and additional methods of therapy and diagnostics
We find an approach to each patient and create a trusting atmosphere conducive to recovery
We remove the cause
of the disease
Through work with the subconscious, we find and remove the potential cause of the disease
The work of a specialist and a patient
It is important that the patient is determined to win, cooperate with specialists and be active in health issues.

Stages of treatment

Transfer of documents with analyzes and examinations for treatment
Treatment program
Creation of an individual treatment route. Conclusion of an agreement
Undergoing treatment
The beginning of convalescence, testing, examinations and recovery
Psychological and medical support after recovery

Question - Answer

What’s the price?
Each case is individual. The process of treatment, rehabilitation and support depends on the severity of the disease and its nature. All questions about the cost and number of sessions you can get an answer during the consultation.
What kind of patients do we accept?
We are ready to take on any severity of the disease. It is important that the patient has an active life position and is ready to follow the recommendations of specialists. The search for the root causes of the disease in the inner world of a person and the method of eliminating the seeds of the disease require the active cooperation of the patient with specialists.
What is required of patients?
Trust in our methods and responsible cooperation. We introduce a person to his internal resources, but the patient must actively implement our recommendations in life, and not passively wait for the result
Does our approach help everyone?
100%, of course, does not happen. Not because the approach is bad or the specialist is not trained. The main condition is cooperation with specialists and the implementation of their recommendations.

The problem is that often people are waiting for the "magic pill". While working with the psyche and working through difficult life situations is, first of all, the work of the person himself, and the therapist only accompanies in this process. Therefore, if a person cannot be persuaded to work, then a great result cannot be expected.

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