For Specialists

The Integrative medicine Center invites professionals working in the medical field to cooperate in various areas.

We offer partnership, professional training and extensive training at the medical school. We also invite you to work in a friendly and professional team.

We have yet to change medicine and make it better and more efficient. We can do this together.

We Offer Doctors Unique Partnership Conditions

It is in the interest of every physician to provide the patient with the best treatment available in medical practice.
If you are faced with a complex clinical case and understand that standard methods do not allow you to provide the patient with the proper level of help, we will be happy to accept your patient and offer him or her the best advanced methods of complementary medicine possible.

Through the development of integrative methods and joint work, we will be able to lead the patient to a speedy recovery.

Together we will participate in the healing process. We are open to sharing information about your patient and generalizing medical experience.

We invite doctors of various specialties to cooperate on mutually beneficial terms. If you are interested in cooperation, you can contact us.

Raevsky Medical School

Education for physicians in complementary medicine

A medical school was opened on the basis of the Integrative medicine Center. The main goal is to train specialists who have the knowledge and skills to apply modern methods of integrative medicine.

Led by recognized and authoritative experts in their field, members of professional communities and having publications in scientific journals.

Our lecturers are experts who have authority in their specialty and are ready to share invaluable experience. We invite doctors of various specialties who want to improve their profession.

Directions of study:

 — Integrative Medicine

 — German German Medicine

 — Psychosynthesis

 — Psychocorrection

 — Oncopsychology

 — Homeopathy

 — Kinesiology

Career in the Integrative medicine Center

We cooperate with doctors and clinics, offering innovative solutions, the purpose of which is to cure a person at various stages of the disease. We also pass the methods for maintaining health after recovery.

Our methods are aimed at eradicating the disease, not relieving the symptoms.

We will be glad to see you in our team!

  • Officially
  • Support
  • Education
  • Team
  • Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
  • Stable salary
  • Social package
  • Adaptation program
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • Modern equipment
  • Uniform
  • Management support
  • New competencies
  • Internal training
  • Assistance in scientific activities
  • Corporate events
  • Work with professionals
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Honesty and mutual understanding in a collective

Patient Cases

Achievement of stable remission in oncological diseases

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