Cancer Treatment

Innovative and sustainable methods
with a high chance of recovery

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Cancer Treatment

Innovative and sustainable methods
with a high chance of recovery

Phone: +7 495 532 28 54
Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya, d. 5, k. 4

* license to provide medical services
The Raevsky Holistic Treatments clinic of integrative medicine
is an advanced clinic that has achieved outstanding results in the treatment of oncological diseases at any stage. We have developed an innovative approach to cancer treatment that allows us to achieve improvements and treat "incurable" cases
Of beneficial morally ecological environment in our treatment methods
80% Of patients have improvements in well-being already in the first month of treatment
Of patients with stages III, IV
are in stable remission
100% Of beneficial morally ecological environment in our treatment methods

20% Of patients with stages III, IV are in stable remission

About Our Method

Dmitry Raevsky
The founder of a network of clinics. Innovator in cancer treatment
Conventional medicine methods are aimed at destroying cancer cells at any cost, even if the cost is very high — weakened immunity, poisoning of the body and a lot of side effects that reduce quality of life

At the same time, traditional treatment has its strengths — a wide range of diagnostics, prompt assistance, medical support, and others.

We adhere to an integrative approach to treatment: we combine the methods of traditional and alternative medicine, we treat not only the symptoms of diseases, but also work deeply with their causes

The methods of our work are based on working with the subconscious, human energy and cooperation with doctors of traditional medicine. We do not deny traditional treatment, but empower and enrich it. We do not override doctors' prescriptions, but complement them
diagnosed or there's a suspicion
you regularly feel unwell, incapable of daily self-care, feel pain
systematic fatigue, lack of energy, bad mood
feeling that everything is useless, feel like giving up
are already undergoing traditional treatment according to the protocol and want to increase its effectiveness
disillusioned with traditional medicine and looking for alternative treatment
the cancer has returned and is becoming more aggressive or inoperable
do not understand what is the reason and what to do
do not understand what is the reason and what to do
looking for new treatment methods, as the "treatment by protocol" was not satisfying
incurable stage of the disease, status "incurable"
Diagnosis or suspicion of cancer
Relapse, negative dynamics
For Whom?
results of the analyses returned to normal, but you are overcome by the fear that the cancer will return
there is a feeling that the cause of the disease hasn’t been worked through in the subconscious
after completion of treatment new symptoms appeared
due to weak immunity you’re constantly sick
you are accompanied by anxiety, doubts, feeling insecure, not certain that you are healthy
Cancer in remission
the child has a confirmed cancer or there are suspicions
parents are not ready to go for an expensive operation that does not guarantee anything and are looking for alternative methods
the traditional medicine treatment plan is not satisfactory, too many side effects or high risk of death
parents have tried everything, but nothing helped, they are open to new methods and ready to trust our team
Pediatric oncology

Features Of Our Approach

Integrative Medicine
We combine standard and complementary medicine methods for high efficiency of treatment
Morally ecological approach
We use methods that do not destroy the immune system, internal organs and the body as a whole
We strengthen immunity
Our methods make the immune system strong and it is able to defeat cancer cells on its own
We start the regression of cancer cells
Cystic transformation of the tumor and metastases
Finding the cause of the disease
In the subconscious with the help of kinesiology, oncopsychology psychotherapy
The patient himself understands the cause
Realizes and independently lets go of the root cause of the of the disease
Setting up for recovery
We help the patient find a dream, find new goals and strength to be healthy
Removing secondary benefits
It can even be at an incurable stage, despite the state of health
We help to return to normal life
Together with the patient, we walk the path to a stable remission and return to a full life
We offer a morally ecological, healthy and safe environment to treat cancer. Care and support at every stage up to remission. Monitoring of analyzes in dynamics
Initial (7 days)
Step 2. Starting the regression of cancer cells (10-15 days)
Step 3. Active regression of cancer cells (3 weeks - 4 weeks)
Step 4. Rehabilitation
(up to 3 months)
Steps of Treatment
  • The doctor’s consultation
  • Kinesiology testing
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Use of oncolytic medicines
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Use of oncolytic medicines
  • Individual psychotherapy session
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Maintaining vitality of organism
  • Detoxification therapy if needed
  • Blood transfusion
  • Oncopsychology session
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Maintenance of vitality of organism
  • Detoxification therapy if needed

Treatment Programs

Treatment Methods
Natural oncolytic drugs


Modern scientists have not yet found a sole certain cause of cancer. This is almost always a combination of prerequisites: a toxic environment, malnutrition, psychological trauma, genetic predispositions, dysfunction of certain organs …

But the cause is always at a deeper level. This, as a rule, is a stress, shock or some kind of traumatic event that triggers a number of changes in the human body at three levels: in the brain in the form of a foci visible on CT and MRI, in the psyche in the form of specific psychological behavior patterns, and in the body in the form of changes in organs and tissues.

If you correctly identify this trauma and relive it in a positive way, then the causes of the disease go away and the body itself quickly recovers.

It is very important to realize that any illness is our teacher. It came not to destroy us, but to make us better. People who have overcome the disease never remain the same. This ispiritual rebirth is the key to successful cure.

Now I can say with confidence: Cancer is curable! There is confirmation of this — reviews of our patients who said goodbye to cancer.


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Treatment Details

Free consultation      
The patient undergoes a consultation with a specialist and submits copies of the documents that he has from the hospital / clinic regarding his illness. Thanks to these documents, we will track the dynamics of the patient and understand the entire treatment process that he underwent before
Creating a Healthy Patient Environment
The beginning of treatment is about creating a warm and supportive environment for patients. This environment creates special conditions in which the psyche and internal state of patients become more stable and positive. This effect allows further sessions of oncopsychology and psychotherapy to be most effective. work with the root causes of the disease requires a harmonious state of the patient and trust in specialists
Oncopsychology and psychotherapy
Specialists conduct the necessary sessions of oncopsychology and psychotherapy in order to detect a destructive idea or a traumatic situation in the subconscious mind that suppressed the immune system and contributed to the appearance of cancer. Doctors together with the patient find the root cause of the disease in the subconscious and remove it
Support and monitoring of tumor decay process
At this stage, we carefully monitor the patient’s condition. The activity of the immune system can lead to severe intoxication of the body if the patient has stage 3 or 4 cancer. If intoxication occurs to such a degree that our full-time specialists cannot cope, then we recommend that you turn to official medicine in order to pass the acute moment
Rehabilitation and recovery
After the process of tumor decay is over, we ask for tests from any clinic. Having received pure blood counts, tumor markers on CT and MRI, we begin the process of rehabilitation, or recovery of the body

We help to restore not only the physical, but also the psychological state after such a disease with the help of integrative medicine methods (detox nutrition, massage, aromatherapy, psychological assistance and sports activities). After 3 months of successful rehabilitation and recovery, we officially discharge the patient
Remote support
After successful cancer treatment, each patient is assigned a specialist who provides remote support, gives consultations and monitors the patient's health. The specialist may ask the patient to re-take tests at the nearest clinic or to conduct mandatory hospitalization earlier, if he considers it necessary
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