Integrative Medicine

The methods of integrative medicine in our country are not yet widely known, although abroad, primarily in the United States and Europe, which are leaders in the fight against cancer, this area of ​​medicine is now developing very actively.

At the same time, in the West it has already been recognized at the official level, proven safe and efficient and showing a high recovery rate, which has been officially confirmed, and is being covered by State Health Insurance Assistance Programs. Despite the fact that in Russia this direction is just beginning to take shape, there is no doubt that it is the future of medicine.

Vasily Rotov
Co-founder of Raevsky Clinic Network, psychotherapist

The essence of our approach is delivering a person from the root cause of the disease. In the concept of the Integrative medicine Center the cause of oncological, autoimmune, neurological, childhood and other diseases lies in the human subconscious. In the case of treating children with disabilities, the illness’s cause is rooted in the subconscious of the parents (mainly mothers)

We use an "ecological" approach to treatment and help the body cope with the disease itself. We eliminate the psychological cause that gave rise to the disease and then the body itself returns to normal

However, we are not limited only to the methods of psychotherapy and psychology. We also engage many other possible treatments for the patient

Press Conference In Novosibirsk

On November 25, a press conference on Complementary Medicine was held with the participation of our clinic specialists.

It covered questions about the methods that are used in the clinic and why they positively affect people’s health, as well as cooperation with clinics to jointly improve the health of the population.

Sib.FM’ s guests are journalists from “Arguments & Facts” and “Moskovsky Komsomolets”

Treatment Methods


German New Medicine

of Dr. R.G.Hamer

Each disease has its own psychophysical origin, which means it can be removed through the subconscious

Innovative method of patient testing to find the cause of the disease

Deep work with the subconscious to get rid of the possible cause of the disease
Creation and affirmation of new positive attitudes towards recovery
Selection of natural preparations, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient
Standard Treatment 
We use standard protocols to speed up patient recovery

General Treatment Algorithm

Transfer to the clinic all the medical records with other doctors conclusions and opinions, test results and all the relevant documents
Kinesiological Test
Identification of the cause of the disease by analyzing the reactions of the nervous system to the questions asked
Finding and getting rid of the cause of the disease in the subconscious
Therapeutic Touch
Energy-informational deliverance of the patient from the cause of the disease
German New Medicine of Dr. R.G.Hamer
Getting rid of the disease through regression and the creation of new healthy attitudes
* The treatment algorithm can be repeated in cycles, because the root cause of the disease may not be identified the first time and removed from the patient’s subconscious.
Карина Еремян – специалист международного центра психосоматики «Здравница»

Karina Yeremyan 
Co-founder of Raevsky Clinic Network, psychotherapist

The speed of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and the patient’s resolve for cure. Much depends on the patient. After all, it is not enough to cure a person.

It is important for the patient to change the way of life and the way of thinking that may have led to the disease.

We do not cancel the prescriptions and recommendations of the physician, but together we adjust the set of drugs, treatment and examination methods that contribute to a speedy recovery.


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