of children with Disabilities

Project " The One Like Us"

An innovative, ecological drug-free approach!

Improving the health of the child through
co-work with the subconscious of the mother
and removal of psychosomatic blocks

Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya 5, k. 4
Phone: +7 495 532 28 54

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of children with disabilities

Project "The One Like Us"

An innovative, ecological drug-free approach!

Improving the health of the child through
co-work with the subconscious of the mother
and removal of psychosomatic blocks

Moscow, st. Kantemirovskaya 5, k. 4
Phone: +7 495 532 28 54

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Start at a convenient time. Online part — up to 14 days + offline events in the Moscow center
What will happen
Individual and group work with psychologists, coaches and psychotherapists. Combining offline and online formats
Improving the health of the child by working indirectly through the subconscious of the parents
Improving the physical and psycho-emotional state of the child and mother
Anastasia Malashneva
The founder of the project "The One Like Us", clinical psychologist
Our solution for children with disabilities
In Russia, the number of children with disabilities increased by 9.4% over the year, this is more than 700 thousand according to Rosstat for 2021.

Many of them have a disability. Parents are in a difficult psychological state. Mom and child are excluded from society together. This is a "silent" trouble that is not talked about. More about

Our goal is to help parents improve their children’s health. The program is aimed at the child, improving his or her health indirectly through work with parents.
For whom?
Children with disabilities
Autism, developmental delay, mental retardation, cognitive disabilities, down syndrome, hearing or vision disorders and other diagnoses
Children’s age
Children 1 — 14 years old. At this age, the bond between mother and child is strong
Ready to work on themselves, apply knowledge and complete the program to the end
Russian speaking parents. Moscow and the Moscow region
Children Results
Health improvement

  • Some symptoms of diseases will go away
  • Immunity will be strengthened
  • Improved motor function
Behavior change

  • Your child will become more balanced
  • More attentive, sociable and open
  • Nervousness and aggression will go away
  • Speech functions will progress
Begin to understand you

  • Your child will be engaged in family life
  • Learn to participate in everyday life
  • Become more independent
  • The quality of communication will improve
Become more educated

  • Your child will show an interest in the world, learning and knowledge
  • Become more collected
  • Memory and attention will better
  • Critical thinking will begin to develop
Begin to build relationships with other

  • Become more communicative, sociable
  • Start making friends
  • A better understanding of the world around will come
  • Other children will understand and accept your child better
Parent Results
You’ll understand the causes of illness

  • Understand the psychosomatic cause of the disease
  • Realize the connection with the child and improve his or her health
Self-acceptance will come

  • You will be able to understand and love yourself
  • Negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness will go away
  • Depression and stress will fade away
Family relationships will improve

  • Mutual understanding will appear
  • Conflicts will stop
  • You will be able to peacefully resolve disputes and love will return
You’ll gain new knowledge

  • Increase your psychological literacy
  • Receive knowledge and skills of harmonious parenting
  • Acquire parental competence in disabilities
Learn our methods

  • Understand the laws of a healthy life
  • Develop empathy
  • Learn ancillary techniques
Meet like-minded people

  • Group therapy contributes to the improvement of your condition. In the group you will always find understanding and support
Achievements for 2019-2022
Родителей обрели ОВЗ - компетентность и улучшили
свое эмоциональное состояние
Parents gained disabilities — competence and improved their emotional state
Children received psycho-emotional and physical health improvements or got rid of the diagnosis all together
Of children, whose parents completed the program In full, received stable improvements

Why are we effective?

Finding the causes of illness
The causes of many diseases of the child depend on the psychological and emotional state of the mother
We act through parents
We deal with the causes of children’s diseases through the mother’s subconscious and psychosomatics
Changing the atmosphere in the family
A favorable microclimate in the family launches and consolidates the improvement of the child’s health
Non-drug approach
We do not override the doctors' prescriptions. We do not prescribe drugs. We use only ecological methods
Measurable results
With the maximum involvement of the mother, noticeable health improvements occur in more than 80% of children
Individual format
Individual work with psychologists, therapists and coaches is carried out. We combine offline and online format
Program Steps
Providing us with all relevant medical records with doctor’s opinions and the results of analyzes / testing
Kinesiology test
Kinesiology test
Identification of the cause of the child’s illness through the reaction of the mother’s nervous system (2 sessions)
Finding the cause of the child’s illness in the mother’s subconscious. Group and individual format (the number of sessions is assigned individually)
Therapeutic touch
Therapeutic touch
Mom gets rid of psychosomatic blocks that triggered the child’s illness (the number of sessions is assigned individually)
Art therapy
Art therapy
Achieving harmony, normalizing the emotional background, changing thinking through the knowledge of beauty
Online program
Online program
Psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling, removing of psychosomatic blocks remotely
The number of psychotherapeutic and psychological sessions, therapeutic touch, art therapy can vary individually. Offline and online programs can alternate to achieve sustainable improvements

Julia Mamyrkina
Project Manager in Moscow

Why is our approach effective?
Psychological recovery of parents — liberation from neurotic, depressive states, emotional instability, feeling of isolation and fixation on "one's own problem", the acquisition of parental competence in disabilities, understanding of the child, his or her illness and assistance measures, ultimately leads to the consolidation of a stable positive dynamics of the child’s condition
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In the program in Moscow we additionally include:
  • Saturday meetings
  • Studying Heart Pedagogy
  • Seminars and webinars for parents
  • Educational activities for children

The terms of participation

Activeness and engagement
We do not welcome skipping. The more involvement of parents, the more improvements there are in the child
Trust in our methods
Our approach is based on complete cooperation between specialists and participants
Work for the result
Parents who are ready to work on themselves get more progress in the health of the child
Provision of documents
We need your medical documents confirming the diagnosis and condition of the child

Parents’ reviews

Rubinstein-teibi syndrome, complex developmental delay
Developmental delay
Delayed psychoverbal development, attention deficit
Delayed speech development, hyperactivity
See more reviews
Elena N. Diagnosis: developmental delay
Rheumatoid arthritis, daughter 2.3 years
Irina. Type 1 diabetes
Anastasia V. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy
Daughter 3.7 years. cerebral palsy
Son 17 years old, moderate mental retardation
Sasha is 15 years old. atypical autism
Ivan 2.5 years old. bronchopulmonary dysplasia
Elena S. Diagnosis: delayed speech development
Delayed motor and psychoverbal development daughter 4 years old
Anastasia about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Marina about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Natalia about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Diana about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Ekaterina about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Feedback on participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Olga about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Anna Petrova about participation in the project "The One Like Us"
Elena Kurennaya about participating in the course "The One Like Us"
Oksana about participating in the course "The One Like Us"
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Daughter Agilash, 10 Tuberous sclerosis, enuresis
The project changed my inner state, my relationship with my children, my husband and relatives. I learned to track my emotions, became calm, kind. I communicate with children from the heart, began to hug more, learned to understand and accept. Each topic I went through was very useful and new for me. It’s like I stepped out of a fog.

My daughter has passed enuresis, the seizures have decreased, she loves to draw and began to decorate with different colors of pencils. I used to draw only with a simple pencil. There was an interest in the lessons.

Eternal disputes, scandals, claims, reproaches, discontent stopped with my husband. Before the project, we often quarreled and came to a divorce. Now I have learned to make ecological decisions, speak, simply accept and understand emotions.

I really want to move forward. I realized that there are many things in life that I missed.
Irina Chueva
Son Nikita, 6 years old RAS
My insights and discoveries: The child cannot be healed in my case without the mother being healed. And you always need to direct the vector of attention primarily to yourself.

I discovered my own autism! And I realized that I pass on my autistic thinking to my children. Narrow vision of life, closure in one’s pain, suppression of feelings, monotony of habitual actions, inability to express and prove oneself. I started healing for myself from my own autism. Fears dissipated, interest in life woke up and I began to act openly.

My son Nikita began to eat food that he had not eaten before: cottage cheese, yogurt, peas, fish (food was limited). Now I am carefully expanding my food assortment.

I learned to communicate with my son: I go up to him when he plays, I hug him, I delve into him. My son’s speech has improved dramatically. He just started talking! Sometimes in his "French", but most importantly, he can no longer be stopped.

I had a feeling that my son Nikita was somehow not like that. Now I clearly understand that he is like everyone else.
Daughter Aruzhan, 8 years old Autism
Our daughter became much calmer, stims disappeared (we didn’t even notice it ourselves), self-aggression decreased, she began to understand and complete tasks better, her understanding improved, she became interested in toys (before, 0 at all). During this winter, we did not suffer from colds at all (although angina, tonsillitis, laryngitis used to be constant).

The family became much calmer (there were problems with my teenage son) as a result of my overprotection and control. Now let go, worked.

I want to express my deep gratitude to the project and its curators!
Anastasia Kozak
Son Alexander, 4 years old ZPR, autistic traits
I have become calmer, which means I no longer waste my energy on unnecessary emotions. There is more power to achieve the goal. I understood what habits I want to give up, How to build relationships with a child, my attitude to the situation has changed. I began to understand what I was doing right, and what still needed to be worked on.

The acceptance of the situation, of my child, came, the anxiety went away, I became pleased with him, I rejoice at all his successes, even the smallest ones. I was at a loss, now I already know how to behave in this situation.

He began to smile more often, more joyful in general, and began to move away from his usual behavior, take the initiative, addressed speech appeared, new words. Tries to express his request in words, not shouting. He has become more independent, does not wait for help or reminding him, he does it himself and faster than before
Natalya Leykina
Son Artem, 7 years old Autism
This is a breakthrough!

They cut the child’s hair — he withstood it with a bang! He cried, but did not even move, he sat down himself.

We cut hair at home ourselves, because usually he yells like a hysterical woman, it is useless to persuade him, to let him calm down. Sometimes a week. They could persuade him — to no avail, in the end they held him, he yells, cries, but it was unrealistic in another way.

And today we say, let’s go — do not be afraid. I cried, but went on my own, my hero The haircut took 10/15 minutes, and earlier an hour or two with hysteria that the neighbors heard yelling.

Here we are always ourselves, because it is impossible. We prepared mentally, we thought it would start now … They also took Santa Claus (she said that Santa Claus does not come to shaggy boys).
Zalina Zakaeva
Daughter Khadizh, 5 years old ZPR
About myself:
I became very very calm, began to control my emotions, thoughts, actions, listen to my heart more, learned to understand and accept people. I can say that I grew up and became smarter, wiser for 30 years

About the child:
It seems that this project brought us even closer, she began to say "I love" to me, she stopped hitting her head on the floor, stopped biting her hand. I became more mature, more conscious, but we also have tantrums (not without it), but I’m sure over time they will go away
Elena Vasilyeva
Son Daniel, 6 years old Autism Atopic dermatitis in mother
I just want to share it again, but it’s all amazing again, how my separation affects me, and everything that happens and is connected with the course, I couldn’t eat food for 4 years, atopic dermatitis worsened, I ate a few foods very limitedly, and my allergies are strong, the body reacted with spasms and convulsions, in general, the skills now seem to be leaving the old emotional blocks from the body, a lot of pain and irritation comes out, for the first time I am able to accept and live it.

And the third day I feel like it, I can eat a cake, drink tea, etc., I try food and I don’t get sick, it’s amazing.

My skin calmed down and warmth appeared inside.

The child began to listen to me and tease and beat me less, began to think that it might hurt me.
Barkovskaya Maria
Son Rodion, 3 years old Autism
I’ll report back a little.

While I was in the hospital, I noticed that I had become more resistant to irritants. My child is sleeping, and the neighbor is yelling with good obscenities. Before, I would have been pissed off to hell, but there, on the contrary, I feel sorry for the screaming. And, the most interesting thing is that mine is sleeping at the same time, although it should have reacted a long time ago.

Another situation: we are driving from the hospital, my husband flared up behind the wheel, earlier I would have exploded like gunpowder, but then, somehow, everything turned into an insult (points by 4−5) I didn’t say a word, turned away and kept silent all the way. At home, only, calmly placed all the accents and very evenly felt myself internally, before that I would have been overwhelmed.

Later she strongly scolded her husband for the dumbbells on the table above the child’s head, but, again, it was outward anger, inside there was simply indignation, and earlier it would have been hysteria. Let it be for now. Yes, the main thing is that Rodya began to pronounce the letters, some of them very well.
Tatyana Melkumyan
Son Ilya, 7 years old Autism, ZPRR, generalized idiopathic epilepsy
Nervousness is gone in me, aggression is leaving. Decreased irritation. The world has become kind and sunny.

In a child, he began to gnaw toys less, quieter and vocalize less. Looks into the eyes. A bunch of hugs.

My husband likes my condition, he also became calmer.

It has become important for me that I am learning to look through the heart. That a child is a person and not the property of the parent. I’m learning to accept him for who he is. I see the wisdom and the heart of a child. Learned to meditate.

The child consciously smiles and began to listen.
Maria Pechenik
Son Dmitry, 5 years old GDD, ADHD
In general, I am a different person, as if I came out of some kind of fog. Now I don’t let myself be offended, even the husband, with whom they parted, noticed this. What has become different, I no longer allow to violate my boundaries.

A lot of information, experience, knowledge. And the child, coming from the garden, is already telling some news, what was in the kindergarten, what was not there before.

1. There is both positive and negative, but I don’t get stuck in the negative, there is more freedom of some kind

2. Dima talks more, and I began to take me to kindergarten more often and calmly.

3. Everything was always good with the family, but now I somehow managed to meet many people with whom I had not often communicated before.



Question Answer

Will the program help if the child is already 18 years old?
The bond between mother and child lasts a lifetime. After the age of 14, it may not be as strong as at birth, but a parent can always help, especially if relatives live together. The child is in the mother’s field, psycho-emotionally dependent on her. If the thinking of the mother changes, the mother calms down — the child himself recovers

Will the program help improve vision?
We have a mother’s review when the child’s vision improved
If my child’s disease is not listed on the site, will the program help us?
The fact is that when parents are freed from blocks and attitudes in their psyche, the child reacts by healing the body. That is, there is no more need to hurt.
Can I participate if the child is adopted?
If a child lives with foster parents, then he adopts from them the type of thinking, condition and behavior. Thus, there is still an impact on positive changes in the health of the child.
If the child is not transportable, is it possible to participate?
Yes, the program is aimed at the rehabilitation of the child through the removal of the internal blocks of the mother, so the presence of the child is not necessary.

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