Gleb Alexandrov

The founder of the International Center of Psychosomatics “Zdravnitsa” and The School of Thinking Development "School of Freedom"

Gleb Alexandrov

What i do is around-the-world called integrative medicine. It combines elements of alternative and mainstream medicine.

Yet, the integrative medicine methods are mainly mainstream, rather than energy healing therapy. Although my work is often online, it’s about delving deep into the patient’s subconscious and detecting negative energetic knots stuck in the body. It’s been long known that in stressful situations a load of negative emotions settles and gets stuck in the body, causing illnesses, which is confirmed by mainstream medicine.

My task is to guide a patient in locating the emotional load and getting rid of it. This is a body-oriented psycho-correction, that includes certain mainstream medicine recommendations, physiotherapy, medications and diet. Integrative medicine is a holistic approach.
There’s a great potential hidden in a human being, but the path to it is blocked by resentments, negative mindset, psychological blockages.

While a mindful comunicación with
the subconscious, over-conscience and heart intelligence frees from such limitations, unlocking the inner reservoir of energy. Together with the patient we direct this energy to recovery of the body. This leads to a rapid victory over a disease. A willful victory.

Even autoimmune diseases with unclear anamnesis can be cured with this method. Inner work is so good just because it’s not foreign to the human body as opposed to drugs, chemotherapy and so on.
Such treatment is more like fine tuning a piano, and not like the old good Russian bang of a fist on an acting up TV.

Today, it’s no longer a doubt that there’s a link between the growth of mental and diversity of physical illnesses. Humanity has had a long way to this understanding, it’ll probably take even longer to switch to new methods of treatment but changes are coming.
It’s not enough anymore to lead a healthy lifestyle to be healthy.
It takes inner changes to abandon a usual state of illness and enter a new to everyone state of health.
Gleb Alexandrov method

I often use the word "trance", when talking about patient’s treatment methods. It’s mistakably understood as unconscious state of a person, like hypnosis. But it’s a state of awareness that is important for treatment.

Our method’s main component is a patient’s realization of causes of illnesses. Only through fully re-living, realizing and learning from the harmful experience, a person can break free of pain and psychological blockages that weaken the body defenses.

Moreover, a health-conscious attitude, collaboration with the one’s subconscious mind and the correct attitude towards the body are all achieved through a hard work with the supervision of one of our therapists.

Of course, it would be great to fall into a trance for an hour and then wake up totally healthy. But to transform to a healthy self in a snap of one’s fingers is impossible.
And this is an immutable truth: if you want achievement, make an effort.

What is awareness? It is not understanding who you are, or realization of yourself. It is an orderly organized thinking, that lets you clearly and adequately assess what’s going on.
A conscious person does not like illusions, always tries to get to the bottom of causes and grows discernment. He feels the truth on a mental level and knows where to look.

A conscious person is purposeful and effective, because he is aware of events and actions as they flow in one stream of life. And, a conscious person controls his life and his own development.
That’s why he is able to achieve a desirable state of health going far beyond the limitations of an average person. Actually, health is a willfully achieved natural state of mind and body, not fit for any disease.
"2/3 of diseases in the world are psychosomatic. My dream is that in the future, at all hospitals doctors would work with the patient’s conscience first, defining and working through the psychosomatic causes of deceases .

I dream of a world where there will be no stupid selfishness, fears, strife, and sitting up… A world where people will not hurt each other, but there will be mutual growth. A person can hurt when he’s been hurt himself.

We give understanding of inner self and ways towards inner harmony. How to hear your subconscious mind, and the most important — not only here it, but be able to transform destructive ideas into harmonious ones. Come to agreement with your conscience mind, and the conscience of others."
Gleb Alexandrov