What is Integrative Medicine?

This direction allows simultaneous joint treatment by traditional methods, drugs with the addition of various methods of psychology, psychotherapy, homeopathy and others
Everything possible is being done for the recovery of the patient. When combined in the process of treatment, standard and additional therapy significantly increases the percentage of recovery and the speed of rehabilitation

In the joint cooperation of these two areas of medicine, an increase in the number of cases of healing from autoimmune, neurological and other diseases is achieved, and oncological patients come to a stable remission
Integrative Medicine
In our country, the methods of integrative medicine are still not widely known. In other countries, primarily in the United States and Europe, which are leaders in the fight against oncology, this area is quite widespread

It has already been officially recognized in the West, statistics have been collected on it, confirming the increase in the number of recovered patients

You can get help using integrative medicine methods even under compulsory health insurance policies. In Russia, this direction is just beginning to take shape, but there is no doubt that in the future it will be widely used in practice

What treatments are used?

We do not treat the symptoms of diseases, but are looking for what was the basis for their occurrence
Our approach is based on the deliverance of man from the biological conflict that resulted in the disease

The cause of oncological, autoimmune, neurological, childhood and other diseases is hidden deep in the subconscious of a person, and in cases of illness in children, it lies in the subconscious of the parents (mainly mothers)

When we eliminate the cause of the disease, immunity is activated and the body embarks on the path of self-healing. That is, our method helps the body in an environmentally friendly way

We start the process of disintegration of unnecessary cells and processes. In case of severe intoxication (for example, in cancer patients), we resort to the help of traditional medicine, we have partner clinics that provide supportive care
We use all possible methods to treat the patient,
not limited to psychotherapy and psychology

In our practice, we use the following approaches:

  • New German Medicine Dr. R.G. Hamera
  • Psychocorrection and psychohygiene
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Kinesiology and homeopathy
  • Other Advanced Complementary Medicine Practices
  • Psychosynthesis according to the doctor’s method Roberto Assagioli

What is the treatment algorithm?

Transfer to the clinic all the medical documents
with doctor’s opinion and test results
Kinesiology Test
Kinesiology Test
Identification of the cause of the disease through
the reaction of the nervous system
Finding and getting rid of the cause
of the disease in the subconscious
Therapeutic Touch
Therapeutic Touch
Energy-informational liberation of the patient
from the cause of the disease
New Medicine of
Dr. R.G.Hamer
New Medicine of
Dr. R.G.Hamer
Getting rid of the disease through regression
and the creation of new attitudes
* The treatment algorithm can be repeated, since there may be several causes of the disease in the subconscious, for each cause it is necessary to repeat the entire cycle

What diseases do we work with?

  • Oncological
  • Autoimmune
  • Dermal
  • Respiratory system
  • Endocrine
  • Neurological
  • Children with disabilities
How long should be treated?
The terms of treatment depend primarily on the patient’s mood for recovery, as well as on the severity of the disease at the time of contacting the clinic. It is very important that a person change the way of thinking that led him to the disease

Otherwise, the disease may return again. A person must rethink and change his lifestyle and behavior patterns
Do I need to stop taking medications?
We do not cancel the appointments of the attending physician, but together we adjust the set of drugs, treatment methods and examinations that contribute to a speedy recovery
Does our approach help everyone?
Not always. And the point here is not in the method itself or in the qualifications of a specialist. The full trust of the patient and the implementation of all recommendations are required. The main condition for recovery is the joint cooperation of the patient and the healer in the fight against the disease. There must be a positive attitude
Our method is not the "magic pill" that many expect

This is a great work of a person to change his subconscious, with the help of our experts

If we fail to convince a person that he himself must make efforts to change himself, then we should not expect a great result
What is required of patients?
Transfer of documents to the clinic for consultation, full trust in our methods and responsible cooperation, strict implementation of all recommendations and instructions of specialists and doctors

We reveal in a person his inner resources, start the process of recovery, but the patient himself must be active in implementing our recommendations in his life, and not just wait for the result without doing anything
What’s the price?
Each case is unique and the cost is set individually. The process of treatment, rehabilitation and subsequent support depends on the severity of the disease and its nature. Answers to questions about the cost and number of sessions are provided at the consultation

Can I help in the treatment of a relative / close person?

Yes. We welcome the participation of relatives in the treatment of the patient in a certain format, which is agreed in advance with our specialists. We teach relatives of the patient some methods of improving health, provide explanations on mental hygiene and psychological support
How are children treated?
We treat children under 14 through the subconscious of their parents. Because children have a strong psychological bond with their parents. In the future, it is possible for our specialists to cooperate with the child’s attending physician to make joint decisions on the best ways to maintain the child’s health.
What kind of patients do we not take?
We do not take those who do not trust our methods, are skeptical about the proposed treatment option. We do not accept patients with schizophrenia, alcoholism, drug addiction and COVID-19 with more than 30% lung involvement
How is the treatment online and offline?
For many diagnoses, treatment can be remote. Often the beginning of treatment takes place online, and the continuation is offline or in our hospital.

With the personal presence of the patient in our hospital, we use all possible and available methods. Patients whose lives are in danger are always treated offline under the constant supervision of our specialists

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