Heart Synthesis Method

By Dmitry Raevsky

About Ray-D Clinic

Ray-D clinic is a health-improving center. Our mission is to cure serious diseases known as incurable with the method of psycho-correction and heart synthesis by Dmitry Raevsky. We've achieved the biggest results in treatment of cancer (mostly all cases).

According to the statistics, most of diseases are effects of stress that our subconscious and psyche couldn't cope with. That's why we don't only treat, we help to change oneself as well.

Dmitry Raevsky considers human beings holistically.
Holistic approach means that there are parts of the whole organism, and either they get along together, or exist in tension. Health is where there is peace and cooperation between parts. War and disharmony bring to various disorders and illness.

Now even Western medical education considers a human being as a combination of body, soul and spirit. Western nursing is investigating models and methods to support patients not only with physical procedures, but also providing with mental and spiritual needs of the soul.

The East for ages based on such a holistic view: that people do not live by bread alone, but beside health they need mental and spiritual components to be in harmony.
We are sure who works hard to change oneself builds up an immune protection against any diseases. We have power and experience to help there where a person's subconscious couldn't cope with. Thus, we help to fight with the cause of this disease. It's important that the patient as well as the treating specialist must have strong desire to get rid of the disease. It's the collaboration that will help to destroy the disease seed in the person's psyche by psychocorrection therapy.
Studies conducted by the Heart Math Institute in 1991 prove the influence of the heart on living organisms on the cellular level and thus confirm the effectiveness of the Method of Dmitry Rayevsky. In these studies, the impact of the electromagnetic field of the the heart was reproduced on organic cells and DNA: people trained in a special way effected on DNA molecules with the heart energy and successfully repaired them. This amazing result proved that the human heart is able to change the structure of DNA molecules. Dmitry Raevsky confirmed this fact and proved that the heart irradiation can be developed and trained.
Theoretical and practical Basis of the Method

Raevsky's method combines the views of Eastern and Western medicine on treatment and human health.
The basics of the Method are taken by Dmitry Rayevsky from several sources and combined into the practical System that even allows to treat cancer.
1. Tibet. Method of training the intelligence of the heart. D. Rayevsky learned this technology from a Tibetan teacher and doctor, being in Tibet.
The heart is being trained to impact on the disease and to strengthen the patient's immunity, thus the heart becomes the healing tool. Also, the heart learns to treat various diseases and even specializes as well as doctors receive specialization after obtaining the General medical education.
During 20 years Dmitry trained the the heart to treat various diseases, and he practiced successfully. However, he couldn't save his mother from tumor in her head and she died. After this tragic event, Dmitry realized what a strong and insidious enemy cancer was. And he swore to his Tibetan Teacher that he would learn to defeat cancer and will bring relief and benefit to sick people.
As a result, Dmitry learned the Tibetan technology of curing oncological diseases and continues training the hearts of a group of therapists which started treatment of patients.

Researches of Western Institutes
2. The USA. The research of The Heart Math Institute proves the connection between positive emotions and the electromagnetic field of the heart. In fact, positive emotions have different gradations and depend on the way of thinking. Thus, the electromagnetic field of the heart can be increased by training the certain quality – the ability to experience strong positive feelings. This practice Tibetan monks have been doing for centuries.

The US The Heart Math Institute https://www.the heartmath.org/research/research-library/) collected the scientific library of the most considerable investigations concerning the the heart intellect. And among them there are those which scientifically confirm the technology practically used by Dmitry and his team.

Here is the abstract from the scientific research called «Modulation of DNA with The heart-focused meditation»:

"Our research… allowed us to develop basic "the heart techniques" and tools that promote positive emotions and increase the heart consistency."

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