Ray-D Clinic

Founder Dmitry Raevsky

About Ray-D Clinic

Ray-D clinic is a health-improving online center. Our mission is to cure serious diseases known as incurable with the method of psychocorrection by Dmitry Raevsky. We've achieved the biggest results in treatment of autoimmune, neurological, viral, childhood diseases and cancer (1-2 stage).

According to the statistics, most of diseases are effects of stress that our subconscious and psyche couldn't cope with. That's why we don't only treat, we help to change oneself as well.

We are sure who works hard to change oneself builds up an immune protection against any diseases. We have power and experience to help there where a person's subconscious couldn't cope with. Thus, we help to fight with the cause of this disease.
It's important that the patient as well as the treating specialist must have strong desire to get rid of the disease. It's the collaboration that will help to destroy the disease seed in the person's psyche by psychocorrection therapy.

The methodis detection of the root cause of the disease in person's subconscious with the method of psychocorrection by Dmitry Raevsky.

Our mission is to help people to get rid of diseases. After treatment itself we provide full follow-up support creating conditions for recovery and rehabilitation to make sure disease won't come back.

Important! We take payment only after the positive results of the tests. Find out the cost of treatment at a free consultation
Diseases we can cure:
Autoimmune diseases
They are diseases connected with the disorder of a person's immune system that detects own tissues and cells like foreign and begins to destroy them.
Degenerative diseases
Pathologies that are constantly progressing provoking deterioration of tissues, organs and their structural functioning.
It has been contributed much to oncology treatment for the latest few decades, however, oncological diseases are very dangerous so far.
Neurological diseases
The causes of nervous system diseases almost always connected with the subconscious mind and from there they attack central and peripheral nervous systems.
Childhood diseases
Many adults' diseases "have gotten younger". Treating such a type of diseases we are initially having sessions of psychocorrection with parents.
Disease without definite diagnosis
It's very common when patients come without any definite diagnosis from doctors. Our specialists work with such cases as well.
Why does our method work?
Search for the real cause of disease
Causes of many diseases are in the person's subconscious. If traditional medicine works with consequences, we work with reasons.
Collaboration of a specialist and a patient
It's a patient who wants to beat the disease, that's why it's essential that a patient should collaborate with our specialists. If a person doesn't want to recover himself, it's hard to help him.
Practicing doctors in charge
Our team consists of practicing doctors who use the method of Psychocorrection by Dmitry Raevsky in fighting against incurable diseases.
Result-oriented work
Before starting treatment we set some results we want to achieve. We never stop until unless we have achieved these results, we really want to help those who are eager to become healthy.
Support of every patient
We support our patients all way long, from the very beginning to the end of treatment. The constant contact with specialists is the key to success.
Complex approach
Treatment of every patient is work of many specialists: dietarians, therapists, psychologists and others. We use different approaches to fight the disease.
Stages of recovery
Free consultation with the specialist on your particular case.
Psychocorrection specialists hold necessary sessions.
Follow-up treatment
Treatment by doctors of related areas.
We provide full rehabilitation support by creating conditions for full recovery.
The cost of treatment
Every case is individual, so the process of treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up work depend on a disease and its severity. We will answer all your questions about cost and durability of the treatment after free consultation.
What patients do we take?
We are ready to take on any case of diseases we treat. It's very important that a patient has active life position. Search of root causes of any disease in the subconsious requests collaboration of a patient and our specialists.
Can the disease come back?
Unfortunately ill people get used to definite way of their life. That is why when disease has already gone, patients follow «the old-fashioned way» and the disease can come back. So our approach anticipates follow-up of every patient as for lifestyle, nutrition and thinking changes.
Can I make an appointment for my family members and close friends?
Yes, you can. We take on close people and relatives of patients, but only those who are ready to collaborate and fight against the disease together with the specialists.
What does a patient need during treatment?
One need to trust our methods, be responsible and collaborate with us. We help, give power and resources, but the patient must actively collaborate instead of waiting for the result in a passive way.
Appointment for consultation
Consultation is free of charge